Lighting a home is not that easy

There are a great number of things to consider when lighting the home and with recent changes in the technology, things have become more complex.

Lighting has to fulfil a number of tasks not least of which is being aesthetically pleasing. Good design is essential to achieve a balance between effectiveness, energy efficiency, being pleasing to the eye and, of course, cost.  To complicate the issue further, individual rooms have individual needs especially if a certain ambience is required due to the age, style, ceiling height, colour of walls, etc.

So, not an easy thing to do and something many people will only tackle a couple of times in a lifetime, if at all, therefore beyond many people’s experience.

To help, we offer advice, initially on the ‘phone – 01494 432020. If necessary, for customers in and around the Chiltern and Bucks areas, an arrangement can be made to visit the property and discuss possible schemes to improve the lighting. This is often best done at the planning stage as putting matters right later can be difficult and expensive.

We are full of ideas on how to illuminate domestic properties creatively and of course have the technical knowledge to ensure that ideas are practical.