Dimmer Switches

We sell a variety of dimmer switches which can be supplied with different finishes on the plate to match existing installations and/or the other metalwork in the room.

The dimmers come at a variety of wattages.  They are suitable for the control of dimmable electronic transformers, toroidal transformers and tungsten halogen lamps without “De-rating” and for use with resistive and inductive loads.  They have an integrated over-temperature protection fuse.  The module case is ultra-sonically sealed to reduce dimmer buzzing.

When ordering please take into account that dimmers require deeper boxes on the wall than ordinary switches. Broadly, the higher the capacity of the dimmer the deeper the box will need to be. Older properties in particular tend to have shallow boxes (35mm boxes are better).

Another point often overlooked is that dimmers usually have a minimum load requirement as well as a maximum.  We can advise on this when you enquire.

When working out which dimmer you need, calculate the total load that you are switching and add say 25%. It is, in our experience, best not to load a dimmer switch up to the maximum. (It tends to last less well and is more inclined to buzz.)

The dimmer switches we supply come from the high-quality Primalite range of electrical plates and switches –  see their website here.  We can supply any of the combinations listed. Basically, you need to choose the finish and the shape of the plate and then you can have whatever dimmer or switch combination on the plate that is possible. Please telephone us on 01494 432020 for advice and a quotation for supply. (Primalite do not deal with the public directly.)