Voltmaster 300 & 400 Watt intelligent transformers

For commercial and larger  domestic lighting schemes, a more powerful and versatile transformer may be required. Multiload’s Voltmaster is an intelligent transformer that has the following important features:

1. The transformer continually monitors the voltage at the fitting or track and stabilizes it to maintain a constant 11.8 volts.

2. This prevents over-running the bulbs which can cause early and cascade failures (12 volt lamps are very susceptible to blowing if greater than 12 volts is supplied).

3. TheVoltmaster soft starts at switch on, and prevents surge currents from blowing the lamps.

4. Voltmaster incorporates  its own dimming system controllable by a 0 to 10 volt signal.

5. Voltmaster is fully compatible with any control gear which provides a 0 to 10 volt signal such as Multiload’s Moodmaker.

6. Because of its voltage sensing capability, Voltmaster overcomes voltage drop on the 12 volt side. This enables long runs of cable to be used. (The correct cable size can be calculated for the run.) The transformers are, therefore, usually mounted remotely from the installation in a void, electrical cupboard, loft, garage or other suitable place.

(They are not decorative and they do buzz slightly when dimming so for domestic use it is best if they are kept out of the way.)

7. Voltmaster does not require any maintenance.  However, it should be mounted somewhere where it has a reasonable amount of free air around it and is accessible in case the fuse gets accidentally blown. Voltmaster protects against short circuit and overload and will shut down when detected, resetting when the fault is removed.

Picture of Voltmaster

As you can see, this transformer has a very impressive specification and for this reason has been installed in Art Galleries, the new St Pancras Hotel and Lords cricket pavilion. We have supplied the device to a number of residential lighting schemes, usually with the Bruck track systems. The performance and reliability has been 100%.

There is also a 24 volt version avalible.

For full specification, sizes etc see Multiload’s web site www.Multiload.co.uk