Incandescent Bent-Tip Candle Bulb, clear

Sale of Incandescent, Bent-tip, Clear Candlelux light bulbs

The original, incandescent bent-tip candle bulb, Candelux by Bell.

These are double-life, branded candle bulbs and not cheap, unbranded copies.

These bulbs have been phased out although we still have the following, limited stock.

£2.80 delivery charge.  Please telephone 01494 432020 to order and pay, quoting the Batch number you require.

  25 Watts

25w BC Clear Candelux singleBatch 1

Bundle of 10 x 25w BC Clear, Bell Candelux lamps

£29.50 for ten

SES CandeluxBatch 2

9 x 25w SES Clear, Bell Candelux lamps

£26.55 for the nine

25w SBC Clear CandeluxBatch 3          (2 lots available)

9 x 25w SBC Clear, Bell Candelux lamps

£26.55 for nine


Normally despatched in 2 days.

To order or for further details, please telephone 01494 432020 or email us here