Terms & Conditions

1. Preamble

1.1 EBDLA Ltd endeavours to deal fairly with all its customers and thereby adheres to the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 and the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002). These terms and conditions are based on these regulations as well as the Sale of Goods Act.

1.2 When you order from EBDLA Ltd you are entering into a binding contract and we advise you to read these terms and conditions before you order. We also advise you to keep your proof of purchase in case it is required in the future.

2. The Contract

2.1 The contract is governed by UK law.

2.2 There will be no contract between us until we have received your order and accepted it and we have received full payment for the goods. We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order (we would of course refund any sums paid) without giving a reason.

2.3 You will receive an acknowledgement of your order (your offer). The contract does not exist, however, until EBDLA Ltd has received cleared funds. We shall also endeavour to contact you before the goods are despatched to let you know that they are on their way.

2.4 Your contract will be with EBDLA Ltd, registered in England & Wales No 6641707. Telephone (office hours only) 0044 (0) 1494 432020.

2.5 If you have any doubts about ordering particular products we would prefer if you did not order at all or, alternatively, contact us to see if we can help with further information, extra detail, samples or pictures to help you make up your mind. We do not refund simply on demand because you change your mind after the initial cooling-off period (see the section on cooling-off periods below and our returns policy). Your statutory rights are not affected.

2.6 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time for future sales. You may like to keep a copy of the current terms if you order.

3. Our Prices, Descriptions and Specifications

3.1 We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, either up or down. (This does not affect a confirmed order.)

3.2 If we discover an error on the website we will inform you immediately by e-mail or phone and offer you the choice of accepting the items at the new price/specification or cancelling the order. If we do not hear from you in seven days following notification of the error then the order will automatically be cancelled and any amount paid refunded.

3.3 Special offers are where we offer our regular stock at a reduced price for a period of time.

3.4 The price of a light fitting does not usually include light bulbs. (We tell you in the main body of the web site if the light bulbs are included.) Please order the bulbs separately when you place your order (this way you will receive the correct bulbs at the correct wattage).

3.5 The description of the goods is based on our experience of them and in most cases a picture is given. Any comments given in relation to the usefulness, suitability or quality of the goods are opinions and do not form a part of the contract (e.g. as is the case with Estate Agents details).

3.6 We give approximate dimensions for all the goods listed except bulbs and some accessories. These are based on the manufacturer’s details. Due to the nature of some products they will not be millimetre perfect.

3.7 We describe the finishes but please be aware that hand applied finishes often vary from piece to piece and from batch to batch. This is particularly true of ‘Antique’ finishes.

3.8 We cannot guarantee that any finish will match other finishes you may have in the room as all manufacturers’ finishes are different and are frequently called by different names.

3.9 Glass can be even more variable, especially if it is an art glass which, by its nature, varies from batch to batch. Please be aware of this if you re-order.

3.10 Glass for lighting purposes is not optically perfect and may contain the odd air bubble or ripple and engraved glass sometimes has small scratches on it. This is all within specification. Chips, cracks or distortion is a fault and should be reported to EBDLA Ltd for a replacement. (Please note that there are often chips on the inside of glass where the bulb holder goes through. This is due to the cutting process to make the hole. It is usually hidden and is therefore not a cause for complaint.)

3.11 As manufacturers alter their specifications without telling us, we in turn have to reserve the right to alter specifications without notice. The changes are often small and unnoticeable. However, we will always do our utmost to ensure that you receive that which you ordered. If we cannot deliver, within reason, the product you ordered we will take the product back and refund you. (For example if the size of the product altered unacceptably or, say, the light bulb it takes has been changed.)

4. Delivery costs and Arrangements

4.1 The cost of delivery in the UK (Mainland, Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland) is as follows:

Orders of £150 and over are carriage-free.  Any exceptions to this will be posted on the website.

All fittings orders under £150:   £8.50

Special orders will attract carriage dependent on the cost to EBDLA Ltd. This will be agreed at the time of placing the order.

Please telephone or e-mail for costs of shipping overseas including shipping to the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

4.2 We despatch our goods in the UK via overnight carrier to arrive the following working day (excluding bank holidays). For orders for Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, The Channel Isles and the North of Scotland and associated Islands delivery is two to three days.

4.3 We endeavour to inform customers of the date of despatch and the customer should, therefore, arrange for someone at the delivery address to receive the goods on the day notified to them. EBDLA Ltd will give the carrier a contact number for you which the driver or the carrier will call in the event of being unable to find you. However, if the carrier cannot deliver because no one is in, they will leave a card and take the parcel back to the depot. The customer can then call the carrier at the number on the card to re-arrange delivery at a suitable time or collect the parcel from the depot.

4.4 Goods which are refused on delivery will be returned to EBDLA Ltd who will deduct reasonable costs from any refund. (Full carriage costs both ways plus insurance and any other expense e.g. packaging.)

4.5 The carrier will keep a record of the date and time delivered . You will be asked to sign for the goods. If you don’t inspect the goods immediately, sign the form as unchecked.

4.6 If you do inspect the goods immediately and there is damage, refuse them and the carrier will take them back. Please notify us of the problem by telephone or by email.

4.7 All goods should be inspected as quickly as possible for damage or breakages and the customer should notify us within 48 hours. Claims for breakages after this time will not be accepted and the goods cannot be returned within the 14-day cooling-off period.  (see 6.6 below)

5. Ordering and Cooling off period

5.1 Your order will be processed very quickly.

5.2 You have a 14 working-day cooling off period from the day you receive the goods in which you can inspect the goods and decide whether or not you wish to keep them. If you decide not to keep them, then you can ask us to collect them.

5.3 Exceptions to the Cooling off Period

  • a. Where a customer has requested EBDLA to have goods made to their own specification, including finish, then the goods are not returnable under the 14-day cooling-off period.
  • b. Where a customer orders goods that do not form a part of our usual offer then these are a special order and are not returnable under the 14-day cooling-off period. For example, goods requested from a manufacturer that EBDLA does not normally deal with.
  • c. Goods purchased by specifiers of whatever description (e.g. architects, interior designers, contractors) either to sell onto clients or to seek approval, are not refundable under the 14-day rule.
  • d. Commercial purchasers are specifically excluded from the cooling off period and should apply directly to EBDLA Ltd for terms and conditions of supply.

5.4 Should the customer wish to return the goods under the 14-day cooling-off period, then they must notify EBDLA Ltd in writing (which includes email) within seven days. They are then obliged by the Consumer Regulations to keep the goods for no longer than 21 days.

5.5 If the goods are not returned within 21 days then no refund will be made.

5.6 The goods to be returned must be kept in good, re-saleable condition and in their original packaging.  Damaged or broken goods will not be accepted for a refund and will be sent back to the customer.

5.7 Because we deal largely directly with manufacturers, we are at the mercy of their delivery times and, in the case of goods coming from the continent, at the mercy of the carriers, too, and these can vary. At the time of ordering, we give you an indication of delivery times. If delivery time is crucial, we can check this with the manufacturer for you before you place the order. BUT THIS IS NO GUARANTEE OF THE ACTUAL DELIVERY TIME. If we cannot deliver in a reasonable time or, say, within two weeks of any agreed date between us then you may cancel the order and we will refund without penalty. We will keep you informed if there is to be a delay of which we are aware.

5.8 Holidays in Europe can be a problem for deliveries. Delivery times are often longer in August when factories on the continent close down for two to four weeks. The end of December/early January and Easter can also be problematical. We shall always try to reflect these extended delivery times on our website. However, the sensible thing at these times is to order well in advance.

5.9 Any closures of our office be notified on the front of the website.

6.0 Return of goods

  • a. The goods will not be refunded until they are back with EBDLA and have been inspected.
  • b. The customer has a duty to keep the goods in perfect condition. They must be returned in their original packaging and be packed the same way.
  • c. The goods must not have been fitted in any way to the fabric of any building or its electrical system.
  • d. The goods must not have been interfered with in any way, i.e. altered, abused, used for commercial purposes including photography, copying (which would be an infringement of copyright), for the writing of articles, for publication or any other use in connection with trade, demonstration or to sell on to a third party.
  • e. The cost of  returning the goods/having us collect them is the customer’s responsibility. Any postage or packing originally paid is also not refundable.
  • f. The refund will go back onto the same card as that used for payment.

Our products

Our products are mainly sourced from manufacturers in Britain and the EU. We only supply from companies who comply with British and/or EU standards. If we do buy products from elsewhere, we use reputable wholesalers who test to British standards and are members of the Lighting Industry Association of Great Britain.

We only source products we believe to be of high quality, using quality materials, wired to British specifications and using quality light sources i.e. types of light bulbs which are reliable and readily available.

Returns Policy


EBDLA Ltd guarantees its products for one year from the date of delivery. This includes parts, labour and carriage on a return to us basis. It is very important, therefore, that you keep your proof of purchase.

Faulty goods should be returned under our returns policy (see below). You must report the fault promptly. Claims will not be entertained after the year has expired even if the fault occurred during the year.

Your statutory rights are not affected.


a. The guarantee does not include the original cost of installing a fitting, the cost of removal or reinstallation for warranty purposes or, indeed, any other cost associated with resolving the matter.

b. EBDLA does not send engineers to look at failed fittings on site. It is up to the customer or their electrician to establish the defect and return the goods.

c. If, on return, it is discovered that the fitting has been tampered with, had components removed, or generally been abused or used for a purpose for which it was not intended then the guarantee will be invalid and no repayment made for carriage charges. The fitting will be returned and the customer billed for the return carriage. If the customer does not want to have the goods returned then they must inform EBDLA in writing (including or email) within seven days from the notification of return.

d. The majority of faults with lighting fittings are caused by bad installation. This is especially true of low voltage equipment. You are therefore very strongly advised to use a qualified electrician to install the fittings which is, in any case, almost statutory under part P of the new electrical regulations. Customers are advised that they may not fit light fittings in kitchens or bathrooms or exterior locations including conservatories without a qualified electrician or without getting permission from their enforcing authority and a completion certificate. Any evidence of incorrect installation will invalidate the warranty.

e. Extended Warranties

Manufacturers sometimes offer extended warranties. There warranties are usually very similar in conditions to ours, especially in relation to installation. It is to these manufacturers that you must turn in the event of a failure after one year. In the description of the goods, we will tell you if there is an extended warranty. EBDLA will not be responsible for any of these extended warranties (for example should the manufacturer go out of business).
Should you wish to make a claim under an extended warranty after a year has expired then we will, of course, provide you with contact information for the original supplier.

f. Light bulbs are not covered by any warranty but we will replace them if they are dud out of the box or fail within one week but you must inform us as soon as the bulb goes. We will not replace retrospectively.

g. General Exemptions
EBDLA Ltd will not be held responsible, under warranty, for delivery times, business failure of a supplier or for other circumstances beyond its control e.g. due to industrial action, civil unrest, war declared or otherwise, terrorist action, act of god or simply going bust.

Returns and Refunds

Your statutory rights are not affected by the following:

EBDLA Ltd does not refund simply on change of mind but, under the Consumer Regulations, you do have a fourteen-day cooling-off period as outlined in the section on ordering.

EBDLA Ltd does not take a product back simply because you have over-ordered. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they order the correct fittings and quantities.

EBDLA Ltd will refund in full within 14 days of delivery if the goods are found to be faulty (applies to individual items not the whole order).

EBDLA Ltd will replace any goods damaged in transit and pay the additional transport costs.

EBDLA Ltd will refund within 14 days if the goods delivered are different from those ordered e.g. there has been a substantial change in specification.

After 14 days, EBDLA reserves the right to exchange the goods or repair them at its discretion within a reasonable period of time.

To return goods under warranty, or for any other reason, you must first contact EBDLA directly to establish the facts and to obtain a returns number. You must have proof of purchase to hand. Goods simply sent back without a number will be refused.

Faulty Goods

In the extremely unlikely event that a product appears to fail, then before going into the returns system you should always do the following:

1. Check the light bulb or bulbs by simply putting in one you know is working. Don’t assume, simply because you have bought a new light bulb, that it is functional. We have known of many instances where people have bought dud bulbs, fitted them and then blamed the fitting for being faulty. ( Always make sure the current is off before changing bulbs.)

2. For table lamps and floor stands, check the fuse and, once again, make sure the replacement is good (most lighting takes a 3 amp fuse). It is very common for a bulb to blow and for this to blow the fuse in the plug. SO CHECK BOTH IF THE LAMP STILL DOES NOT WORK.

3. If the trip on your fuse board goes then it could still be a bulb blowing that has caused the problem. Take out all the bulbs and replace with one you know is good, reset the trip and see if that cures the problem. If not, then the fitting is probably faulty.

4. If you have 12-volt fittings, especially with toroidal or wire-wound transformers, then it is not uncommon for the trip to go on first switching on or on switching on and off rapidly. The problem could be a faulty or oversensitive trip or a trip that is not rated highly enough for the load. We recommend a motor-rated MCB for heavy 12 volt equipment including recessed lighting running on toroidal transformers. A properly qualified electrician should be employed to find this fault and rectify it. In 99% of cases it is not the light fitting which is at fault. If the electrician does find a fault in the fitting or transformer, then this should be returned for inspection.

5. The same can be true of too many fluorescent fittings on a circuit or a mixture of different types of transformers and/or fluorescent fittings.

6. The customer and/or their electrician must ensure that there is sufficient supply to the fitting and that the whole circuit is not overloaded.

7. Finally, all fittings must be installed according to best wiring practice in accordance with IEE, EU and UK regulations.

8. Light bulbs are excluded from any warranty except for the one listed in warranties above (see Warranties).

EBDLA will either repair or replace faulty goods at its discretion and pay the postage. If it is found that the goods returned are not faulty then they will be returned to you with an invoice for the return carriage and EBDLA will not refund the postage.
Goods which are out of warranty are not returnable should they develop a fault and you should seek to get them repaired locally. We can supply spare parts for all of our current portfolio of products, including glass.

Privacy Policy

EBDLA Ltd makes a commitment to protecting your privacy and promises only to use information collected about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
We ask for your name, address, phone number and e-mail address when you place an order. We need this information so we can complete your order and contact you if there is a query.
We may mail or email you from time to time with other information or promotional material about our products. If you do not wish to hear from us, please let us know when ordering or via email.